Only a dream?


imagesCA9NM45A “I had this dream the other night, so bazaar I really don’t know where this came from or why it was so clear. I almost feel guilty for having this dream, like I should apologize to him and his wife.” “Girl what are you talking about, who and who’s wife!” “I can’t tell you who, it’s to embarrassing; besides you know that you can’t keep a secret.” “OK, you know what forget you, at least tell me the dream girl don’t leave me in suspense.” “I don’t know maybe I should talk to him first and confess.” “Confess girl you ain’t did nothing!” “That’s what I’m saying, the dream felt so real, I feel like I did do something. I should not be having dreams this clear and freaky about a man and his wife, no matter how attractive they are. I mean I think he is extremely attractive and his wife is beautiful and, so friendly. You know what I think I need to sleep on this and I will just make a decision in the morning, yeah. Girl I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you what happened, ok.” “ What, so you just going to leave me hanging like this, that is messed up, you better call me tomorrow and I want to hear the dream, who these people are and his reaction. Promise me!” “You are so nosey, I’m not going to promise you that, but I will call you tomorrow.” “Whatever girl, thought we were better than that. Bye!” “Wow she is really upset, and she wonders why I don’t tell her things. She will be fine, I can’t worry about her right now I have to worry about how I’m going to tell this man about, this oh so freaky and vivid dream that I had of him and his wife.”

Waking up the next morning this dream and confession is the only thing on my mind. “Ok plan for the day, from jump I’m going to walk into the office find Devon and tell him about the dream, and just wait for his reaction no matter what it might be.” Devon and I are good enough friend maybe he will understand. I’ve known Devon for five years now, since law school and before his wife. We have been working together for a little over three years as prosecuters at the largest law firm in Miami, and over the years we have become really good friends, most people would say we are like brother and sister. I can’t say that, because even though we are close I still find him to be very attractive and part of me would love to see what he is holding inside those briefs. I recently spent time at Devon’s house working on a case with him and because we are such good friends there was no tension sexual or aggressive. Faith, his wife seemed to be very comfortable with me being in her house and even left her husband and me alone in the house for a couple hours, which makes me feel even worse about this dream I had. “Ok Tonya stops stalling and call him.”

“Joyce, can you get Mr. Watts on the line, please?” “Yes Ma’am, right away. Ms. Gates, I have Mr. Watts on line one for you.” “Thank you, Joyce. Good Morning Devon, how are you?” “Good Morning partner, I’m good what’s going on this morning?” “I was wondering if we could talk, as soon as you get some free time.” “Of course I just walked in to the building; I am on my way up there right now.” “Ok, see you in a minute. Ok, here goes nothing!”   “Knock, knock; hey baby girl what’s the emergency?” “Hey Devon come on in have a seat. Joyce can you hold my calls please?” “Sure thing Ms. Gates.” “Wow hold your calls, this sounds serious; your not dying are you, not sure I can handle that before coffee?” “No, that’s not it but thanks for the concern, asshole. I have a small confession to make.” “Oh, ha ha that you are in love with me, no surprise there. I mean look at me.” “Devon!” “Ok, ok sorry I’m kidding go ahead, no more interruptions I promise.” “Ok well after I left your house Saturday night I went home took a shower and got into bed.” “I like where this is going, already.” “Devon!” “Sorry, “he says as he waves me on to continue. “Well I had a dream, a pretty intense dream about you and your wife.” “Ok go on,” he says leaning in closer.

“I was walking alone on the beach about mid-day, and then out of no where I run into you on the boardwalk. You and your wife are out enjoying the day and doing a little shopping. You and I speak briefly and then your wife walks up, we exchange greetings and begin to walk and talk for a while. Not wanting to intrude on your private outing I attempt to excuse myself, but your wife insists I join the two of you back at the suite that you’re staying in for the weekend, for drinks. I agree to go but only for a short time, it appears this is a short romantic weekend for the two of you and I am not trying to be the third wheel.

In the room we laugh, talk, eat, and have more than a few drinks. We are all having a really good time when I realize how late it has gotten. I thank you for inviting me in and let you know that I had a really good time. As I head for the door your wife stops me, “You have had way too much to drink, no driving for you tonight, you should stay and I’m telling not asking.” She hands me a blanket, a pillow and one of your shirts so I can shower and change. Even though I am a little surprised about the situation, I am too intoxicated to argue. I take the shirt and head into the bathroom to take a shower. All I can think about while I am in the shower is you and your wife making love while my odd man out ass is standing her wet, horny, and desperately wanting to release. The thought of hearing the moans and groans, and aroma of sex in the air, I felt like it was way too much to handle. I pull the shower nozzle down off the hook and change the settings to pulsate, I have to get off at least once or else this is going to be a very long night. Shortly after, I finish my shower and my few moments of pleasure….. “Wait a minute, wait a minute“, Devon says interrupting me yet again “Did you cum?” “Devon can I finish telling my dream.” “Yeah, but first did you cum, I mean is it possible for women to cum like that?” “Yes I did, and yes that is very possible.” “Shit I’m changing the shower heads at my house tonight, “he says writing a reminder in his note book. “Ok, sorry continue.” “Well, as I turn off the shower I hear the two of you arguing, worried that this argument may be about me I step out of the tub and grab my clothes, but before I can get dressed your wife opens the door and walks in; “Sorry for barging in like this, I had to walk away from him. Does the shirt fit comfortably ?” “Yeah….. It will be fine, thank you,” I reply with a confused look on my face. She just continues talking as if there was no argument and as if I am not standing in front of her completely naked. “Hey, slight change in plans, Devon is sleeping on the couch tonight, so you will be sharing the bed with me, if that is alright with you?” “Faith, how about I just go I don’t want the two of you arguing bout me being here, this is suppose to be your special night out.” “Girl we are not fighting about you, D is not tired apparently and wants to go out. I told him no and now he is pouting so he can sleep out here and hopefully you won’t mind sharing a bed with me tonight. Beside you have to stay we all have too much alcohol in our system and I will never forgive myself if something were to happen to you. So go on in the room and make yourself comfortable.”

When I come out of the bathroom I see you lying down on the couch with the remote in your hand, looking up at the T.V. I notice some of the channels that you are considering; all X rated pay-per-view, which let’s me know that you are not only angry and drunk, but horny. I stand there and consider the fact that you just maybe angry and horny enough for me to make a move, alcohol definitely makes me horny, and I would love for you to relive the sexual tension flowing through me. My body begins to quiver and my mouth waters at the thought of your thick, and juicy sliding in and out of it and then deep into my welcoming treasure box the thought alone makes me want to attack you. Just as I go to make my move your wife cuts off the shower. I walk towards you slowly, grab my pillow, turn and run into the bedroom, hoping that my thoughts went unnoticed. When I walk into the bedroom the sweet smell of strawberries and vanilla fill the room, I climb into the bed and shortly after your wife joins me, and the sweet aroma becomes stronger………..”

“Ok wait I can’t finish this story. I…” “Hey what the hell you mean you can’t finish, you can’t just stop now.” “I’m sorry in this dream I did some things that are not me. “ “Tonya it was a dream, most dreams are things that we would never do in real life. Just go on with its ok just finish the dream.” “Alright, where was I. Oh I remember, your wife walks into the room and the sweet smell of strawberries and vanilla get stronger. She smells so good that is begins to turn me on, it was a little confusing to me but I tried to ignore my feelings and just go to sleep. My attraction to her grew even more once her half naked body slid into bed next to me, her skin was so soft, and she smelled so sweet. I tried not to show my discomfort, but I guess I was not doing a good job of it because Faith slid up close to me and whispered in my ear; “Relax I’m not going to bite you, I promise. Get some sleep.” In her attempt to get comfortable her body brushed up against mine and caused my body to shiver, her skin was so soft and warm. I was fighting with my morals, part of me wanted to get out of the bed and just go home, but part of me also wanted her body to stay close. All of my sexual thoughts begin to shift from you to Faith, but I had to try my best to contain myself. She continued to toss and turn, trying to get comfortable, which was not bothering me at all the more she tossed the more chances I got to feel her soft skin against mine. Soon she and I both fell asleep.

Maybe ten minutes after we had fallen asleep I am awaken by the sound of someone coming into the room, I open my eyes slightly and notice that it is you. I am not sure if you have forgotten that I am in the room or if you just don’t care. You lay your hand on Faith’s thigh at the hem of her night gown, and push it up over her hips. I probably should turn away or stop you, but I can’t it has been a long time for me and I need to watch. You begin to kiss her thighs gently while pushing them apart slowly at the same time with your hands. She moves slightly making it a little harder for you to get in between her soft silky thighs. That does not stop you and only slows you down briefly. It shows how well you know your wife because even with company in the room (me) you knew that she would not be wearing panties. You immediately dive in and begin feasting on her strawberry and vanilla scented center; she rotates her hips to meet you and begins to moan. I am amazed at the fact that neither one of are expressing any concern for me being in the bed with you. You two are the sexiest couple I have ever seen, you chocolate and muscular, and her caramel and thick in all the right places as you men say. Reaching up to grab hold of your head her moans get louder and louder. I begin to worry how the two of you will react once you realize I’m still in the room, and in the same moment I begin to imagine my self in her place allowing you to lick and kiss my pleasure spot, and then my imagination shifts to me being in your place tasting her sweetness and caressing her soft skin. I snap out of my vision just as she grabs hold of my arm and braces as she cums in your mouth. As the tension comes down and she releases her grip on my arm, I know now the awkwardness is coming. Not breaking stride you continue to lick and suck on her, and the moaning continues as she turns to face me. My eyes are now wide open and I can no longer hide the fact that this is turning me on. Faith looks at me and smiles and then leans in to kiss me. I hesitate for a moment and then I give in.

Kissing her seems so natural, I begin rubbing on her breast as I feel your hand moving up my thigh. I know that now I am dripping wet; I can’t believe that this is happening to me. This feels like a dream inside of a dream. You slide your fingers in to my pool of cream which causes me to inhale deeply, as Faith leans in and begins to suck on my nipples. Realizing how wet I am you raise your head from it’s nestled position between her legs, as you say “ I have been thinking about this for a long time Tonya, wanting so much to taste you, I know that you taste as sweet as you smell. You remove your fingers and then replace them with your tongue, licking and sucking, your wife begins to kiss me and the intensity of the moment makes me explode. “You are as sweet as I imagined you would be, honey you got to taste her.” “Don’t mind if I do, if that alright with you Ms. Tonya?” “Only if you let me taste you.” “Sounds like a sixty-nine to me baby, damn I’ve got to be the luckiest man in the world.” you say licking my juices from your lips. Your wife lies down on the bed and aggressively grabs my legs pulls me and positions my center over her face, damn she is making me want her more and more every second. It felt so good as your tongue traced my lips and lapped up my honey, but she has you beat. I have heard that a woman knows a woman better than any man ever will, and I now have proof. Shit! You allow your wife and I to get a little more acquainted, before you decide to re-introduce your thick shaft into the equation. Three times, three times, your wife makes me cum from just sucking and licking my clit, all I can think is’ “how is this possible?” I look up at you rubbing yourself keeping it hard, awaiting the perfect opportunity.   No longer able to sit on the side lines you climb on to the bed, your wife holds my hands while kissing me as you slowly and gently slide inside, at this point this no longer feels like a dream; I can actually feel you so wide and so deep. My back arches, and my body quivers as I let out a sigh. Your wife looks down at me and smiles then kisses me on the lips, and I wake up. My sheets are soaked with sweat and cum and my body would not stop shaking the rest of the night, I could not even find relief with my vibrator, I finally had to take sleeping pills in order to get back to sleep.”

“Wait a minute that’s it, your dream ended like that.” Devon says with a frustrated look on his face and a very large bulge in his pants. “Yes, Like that, that is how it ended. So I called you in here to tell you that and to apologize. I mean the dream felt so real that it felt like I was doing something wrong.” “Wrong, you got me trying to figure out how to suggest this to my wife. I mean damn, you can obviously see my reaction to that; shit the flirting that I do with you is real. If I could have you and my wife in bed together, I would be the happiest man in the world.”

“Oh really, is that so honey?” says another voice from across the room. “So are you saying I’m not enough woman for you alone?” To our surprise Faith is standing there in the doorway. “Faith, oh my God, how long have you been standing there?” “Long enough Tonya, long enough to hear this dream of yours,” she says walking slowly over to my desk. “You see,” she says as she sits down. “I have been watching you for a while, Tonya. I knew that you had a thing for my husband, so I left you alone with him that night to see if you would try anything, and you didn’t. I came here this morning; to because Devon forgot his wallet at home and I figured while here I would invite you over tonight for dinner, I know how lonely your are, considering you have no man and all, but after hearing that dream I’m not sure if that would work out to well.” “Faith, please don’t be angry, it was just a dream, I’m not trying to have an affair with your husband I promise. We are just friends and I respect you to much.” “Babe, it was just a dream she feels bad enough for even having it.” Devon says trying to back me up. “Devon I am not talking to you, this is between me and Tonya.” Faith gets up from her chair, suspecting this was going to turn ugly I also stand up. I feel bad about the dream, but I’m not a punk either. As she gets closer to me a familiar scent fills the air, strawberries and vanilla? Standing in front of me she looks me in the eyes and says….. “So will you join us tonight at our house, 7 o’clock for dinner? Who knows what type of ending your dream can have if turned to reality.

“Crazy huh?” “Crazy… Girl wait, that’s it what happened after that.” “Stop being so nosey besides I have to go I have a dinner date tonight at 7. Bye” “Don’t hang up, wait Tonya. Damn!”





By Jamecia Robinson

     Her frail body appeared to glow as the sweat forming on her brow and the bridge of her nose illuminated mirroring the reflection of the spot light that had her in a dead silence. Finally sound began to exit the mouth of the delicate vessel, only to be recognizable as the chill inducing sound of her teeth grinding together. As the sound technician increased the volume to compensate for the lack of intensity in her voice the sound of her nervous grinding became louder and louder. Embarrassed by her actions or lack thereof she began to sink into a deep state of grief, one that allowed a new sound to exit her mouth overtaking the previous agonizing utterance. Yet this replacement was no more tolerable than the first, a long and nasally squeal followed by a painful bellow. She had completely lost control; she had lost the battle with her fear and emotion and was letting it consume her. But before she could turn and escape her petrifying platform she felt a hand on either shoulder, one which held a dainty and nurturing familiarity, and the other a contrasting, yet as equally comforting and familiar as the other. From the mouths of the two towers that had taken their positions beside her came: “whistling” “w-h-i-s-t-l-i-n-g. Even though she had completed the task and spelled the word in unison with her parents, the team effort was considered a forfeit and the trophy and winnings given to another. But she had learned that no trophy or prize at the 4th grade spelling bee could ever equate to or supersede her winnings that day. Parental support! So she took her 2nd place trophy and placed it on the shelf and ran to her reward that awaited her downstairs, the hugs and praise of her teammates and biggest fans; her mom and dad.

“You did a wonderful job sweetie now let’s go get ice cream.”